The Republic of Dagestan

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The Caucasus is an amazing part of the world, where the Lord has gathered together monuments and symbols of different cultures, civilizations, eras, religions and denominations.
The Republic of Dagestan is totally different side of Russia, it’s packed full of history, ethnicities and one of the best views of Caucasian nature.
Dagestan has been long known as a religious area of Sufi Islam.
The capital is Makhachkala.
Derbent is an ancient city located along the Caspian Sea, has more than 2000 years and an immense history.
Derbent is renown for its citadel (“Naryn-Kala” or “Dagh Bary” in Persian) and its imposing walls that date from the 6th century CE.
Not just a city, but an open-air museum under the protection of UNESCO! During the journey, you will find many sights that will remain in your memory forever.
Interesting facts
The oldest mosque in Russia is located in Derbent
The word Dagestan means "land of mountains," it is derived from the Turkic word dağ meaning mountain and Persian suffix stan, meaning "land of."

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