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The Chechen Republic or Chechnya is a land of contrasts reflected in the climate, nature, and even its people. Mountain passes, alpine meadows, endless steppe, beautiful waterfalls and dense forests, lake Kezenoyam, the deepest lake in the North Caucasus, and the rapidly developing the capital city - Grozny.
Grozny was nicknamed the city – phoenix, because he reborn from the ashes after so long -run war.
What impresses the most: ancient ancestral towers, a kind of national cuisine and, of course, the exoticism and hospitality of another national and religious culture.
In the 19th century the capital of Chechnya was a major trading and industrial center of the North Caucasus. The rapid growth of the city contributed to the railway and the beginning of the development of oil fields.
Interesting facts
Hospitality is elevated to the rank of law: any guest is a family member

The largest number of mosques in Russia per person: about 1,490 inhabitants per mosque
The writers Leo Tolstoy and Mikhail Lermontov served in Grozny City,

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