The Republic of Tatarstan

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A multi-ethnic region, the land with a thousand - year history rich in natural resources, possessing a unique cultural heritage.
People with various historical and cultural traditions live in Tatarstan. The combination of at least three types of cultural interaction defines the uniqueness of this area, identity of cultural and historical values.
The traditional religions of the republic are Islam and Christianity.
As the capital of Tatarstan, Kazan is the third city of Russia, after Moscow and St. Petersburg. It’s often called Istanbul of the Volga.
Ancient Kazan was nicknamed the «Athens of the Volga»
In the past Kazan was the fortress and the trading city of the Great Silk Road.
Most Kazan residents speak both Russian and Tatar – the two official languages.
Interesting facts
Kazan’s Kremlin is a UNESCO World Heritage site

Kazan is 150 years older than Moscow

The island town of Sviyazhsk was built in just 4 weeks
Delicious Tatar national cuisine and the most iconic dessert-chak-chak
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