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Founded in 1221, Nizhny Novgorod was a great trade center of the Russian Empire. During the Soviet period, the city turned into an important industrial center. In particular, the Gorky Automobile Plant was constructed in this period.
The city was also renamed Gorky and given the nickname "Russian Detroit ".
Shortly before the dissolution of the Soviet Union the city was renamed Nizhny Novgorod once again. In 1985, the Nizhny Novgorod Metro was opened.
In 2016, Vladimir Putin opened the new 70th Anniversary of Victory Plant, which is part of the Almaz-Antey Air and Space Defence Corporation.
Currently, NN is the administrative center of the Volga Federal District, the sixth-largest city in Russia. It’s an important economic, industrial, scientific, educational and cultural center of Russia, one of the main centers of river tourism in Russia.

Interesting facts
The famous monument to Minin and Pozharsky stands on Moscow’s Red Square and exactly the same monument stands in Nizhny Novgorod.
Nizhny Novgorod is one of the seven Russian cities with its own subway
Nizhny Novgorod is often called the «Russian Detroit» due his fame as an industrial center and the homeland of Soviet cars

The city turned 800 years old on August 20, 2021
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