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About Shantar islands

The Shantar Islands are a group of fifteen islands located off the northwestern shore of the Sea of Okhotsk east of Uda Gulf and north of Academy Bay.
There is a very unique and marvelous place of beauty on the globe where whales swim among floating icebergs, orcas chase seals, bears roam the shores, mountains are adorned with cascading waterfalls.
The island group is the Russian part of Khabarovsk Krai.
The first recorded exploration of the Shantar islands was in 1640, when Russian explorer Ivan Moskvitin allegedly sailed to the mouth of the Amur River with a group of Cossacks and spotted the Shantar Islands on the way back.
At the end of 2013, the Shantar Islands National Park was created by Russian scientists and conservations with support WWF and several international organizations to protect the wildlife of the islands.
Interesting facts
These places are teeming with many wild birds as the Shantar archipelago is an ideal nesting place for many migratory birds and the habitat of the majestic white-flying eagle.
There is a high probability to see the owner of taiga - brown bear, as its population here is one of the largest on the planet.

Only here you can watch the Greenland whales, killer whales, swim next to them in their natural environment habitat so close that involuntarily desire arises to touch them.
Far Eastern seals will be everywhere and everywhere to accompany you on the whole trip of the archipelago. It gives the impression that it's not you, but they're watching you.
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