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Here the old mixes with the new, and nowhere is the combination more apparent than on Red Square and in the Kremlin. Once the stronghold of the Russian tsars and highlighted by magnificent cathedrals, including the landmark St. Basil’s, the square is the center of world attention for the parade on May Day (May 1) and the Anniversary of the Revolution (November 7).
Here is the famous Lenin Mausoleum. Inside the Kremlin walls is the seat of the Russian government, along with the famous Palace of Congress, often open to the public for ballet and opera performances. Here too is the famous Armory, now a museum where you could see the diamond collection, the Russian Crown Jewels.
Interesting facts
Founded in 1147
550 years stays the capital of Russia
Moscow never sleeps as we know from one famous song & it’s true
Moscow Kremlin is the largest fortress-museum in Europe is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites
23 million tourists visit city annually
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