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Karelia is a paradise on Earth for any nature lovers. Bordered by Finland to the west and the White Sea to the east, Karelia became one of the most popular destinations for travelers all around the world to visit. With a fantastic mix of untouched nature, outdoor adventure and cultural discovery, every traveller can find a reason to fall in love with this land.
Be enthralled by the region’s untouched wilderness and diverse wildlife, from picturesque hills and winding rivers
to lush green forests and idyllic lakes, such as Europe’s two largest lakes – Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega.
For those seeking an exciting and action-packed holiday, Karelia has a wide range of summer and winter activities to get the blood pumping. Water tourism is highly sought after during the summer months. Navigate your way around the region’s vast waterways on a canoe, kayak across crystal-clear lakes, go on a whitewater rafting adventure or try your hand at fly fishing
Interesting facts
63 thousand lakes and 23 thousand rivers
Lake Ladoga is the largest water reservoir in Europe

The most amazing attraction is Kizhi museum-reserve, its churches are made of wood only without any metal pin.
The Kizhi Pogost has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List
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